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Some Thoughts on Another Lockdown and Supporting Small Businesses in Saugeen Shores

This is not the post I thought I would be writing. I've actually been spending the last week and a bit chasing the northern lights after seeing some stunning photos in local community Facebook groups, but sadly I failed at that and messed up my sleep schedule in the process!

Instead, I find myself sad and frustrated by the recent news that Ontario will be entering another province-wide lockdown. Or is it a shutdown? They're never very clear on that, and that's part of the problem.

I won't get into my political opinions on here, but I'll just say that I'm thoroughly disappointed at the ineptitude of our provincial government and I hold them directly responsible for the third wave and the fact that we're going into another lockdown. While I believe another lockdown is unfortunately necessary, it should never have come to this in the first place.

The thing that has worried me most is all the small businesses that will suffer because of this. When I first moved to Southampton in January, I was told that it was my responsibility as a community member to support small businesses and restaurants in the area. It didn't help that I moved in the middle of the last lockdown, but I made the effort to order out at least a couple of times a week (budget permitting) and since restrictions lifted I've been able to visit a few small businesses and discover what makes them so special.

I noticed immediately that small businesses are the backbone of communities like Saugeen Shores, in a way that's just not the same as in the city. The local government's Saugeen Shores Strong campaign is a testament to that love of entrepreneurship that is so prevalent in the community.

So this is what I'm thinking. I've accumulated a bit of an audience here on this blog, with local folks from Saugeen Shores all the way to some readers in the United States. I want to profile some of the amazing businesses in Port Elgin and Southampton that have weathered the pandemic and could use some exposure. I'm asking readers in Saugeen Shores to help me out by filling out the form below and sharing what small businesses you love. Lets get some community support going and get through this (hopefully final) lockdown together!

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