What this is all about

Hey! I’m Cole, and I’m so excited you’ve found this site. 

I’m a writer, a student, an outdoorsman, and a big fan of a good burger. I’ve spent my life curious about everything and anything. I’ve always asked questions and tried to find a story, whether as a reporter at a newspaper or working in non-profits.

I moved to Saugeen Shores in January 2021 after graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in English Literature. After spending so long in the big city, the small town charm and scenic nature of Saugeen Shores have been a welcome change, and I thought I should share it.

From my new home along the Saugeen River in Southampton, I want to tell the story of this town. I want to share what it is that makes Downtown Port Elgin so charming. I want to show you why the people of Southampton are so lovely and welcoming. I want to explore the surrounding idyllic landscapes of the Bruce Peninsula and share what I see and learn. 

Exploring Saugeen is about a young man who is curious about his unfamiliar new home. I’m a fish out of water in so many ways, so I’m diving head first into Lake Huron and I’m taking you with me!